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    Unauthorised downloads, plagiarism and copyright.

    Neil Gulliver

      Whilst I find Qlik Community a valuable site for sharing ideas, solutions and discussing trends, I do have some concern regarding the posting of downloads.


      Some downloads are clearly freely available with the blessing of the author or institution - others are not. I am thinking of the recent publication of  books for QlikView 11.


      The authors, consultants and proof readers put a lot of time an effort into producing these books to help with the development of QlikView solutions. To see their work given away for free without their consent is, firstly, illegal in most countries and, secondly, discourages anyone else (including publishers) from investing any more effort into producing documentation for QlikView.


      Is there a proactive way that the community owners and moderators can spot this abuse other than it being flagged up by responsible community members?