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    Please Search before Asking a New Question!

    Steve Dark

      Hi there,


      Whilst I think that this community is one of the (many) things that make QlikView a great product there are a few things which niggle a bit with it.  I don't know if any of these things can be easily fixed?


      Firstly, many of the questions being asked have been asked many times before, and answering them is simply a case of searching and posting a link to another thread.  Whilst moderation is in place the posting of the link causes a large lag in the post getting to the person adding the question - by which time there can be many other suggestions (often irrelevant to the original question).


      Some help desk type systems, after being sent a question, show a number of possible threads that may answer that question and give the user the option to go off and read those before they confirm they do actually want to post that question.  Whilst that may not be a feature of Jive, a quick message somewhere advising users to search before posting may be a good thing?


      On a similar tack, it would be good to have a couple more bits of information when looking at (or better still filtering) community posts.  If the number of responses in a thread were shown it would make it easier to pick out new questions that require answering (as opposed to those that have turned to discussion on a related topic).  Also, seeing the last person to have posted to a thread will help zero in on posts that require answering - there are a few community members that I know if they have posted a response then there is no need for me to add any more!


      I think those last two things were available in a previous incarnation of the forum?


      Some extra encouragement to users to mark their threads as answered once they have received a response would be a good thing.


      As I said at the top of this post, the QlikCommunity is a massive asset to the product set and it's quality is a testament to all the hard work that goes into it.


      Many thanks to all the Community Managers!