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    How I can delete some rows in a pivot table that has negatives expressions

    Marco A Sanchez

      Hi all, I have been a lot of time trying resolving an Qlikview's issue with a Macros and Qlikview's Script when you need delete rows from a pivot tables depending of some conditions, but it has been very complicated. I've some problems to find the best form to delete any rows in a pivot table when one of his expression likes an amount are negative values, so I need concatenate this rows with the next rows in order until the sum(amount) will be positive and delete the rows that I wont in my pivot table.

      I'm attaching an excel instance with a simple exemple with the first original sheet and then the second one with de correct sheet that I need take as a final sheet.

      Please If any one, was the similar problem,  I will appreciate very much some tips or help about it. Thanks all.