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    Debtors Ageing

      Good day everybody,


      I need some help with my ageing formula.


      I can calculate my total oustanding balance as well as my current balance, I am having trouble calculating 30 days, 60 days, etc.


      My formulathat I am using for the current value is:

      sum({<[Date]=,Month=,Year=>}if([Date]<=vMaxDate,if(DocumentType<>'P',if(Date>='01/09/2013',([Document Total]-[Amount Paid])))))


      So basically for my 30 days, I need to adjust/amend the formula so that it only gives me info with date >=01/08/2013 and <=30/08/2013.


      But my formula keeps giving me an error. So I am obviously using the wrong syntax, just need the correct syntax for my formula.