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    How to access data from qlik view if data is as following.

      Hello frns,


      I am getting a problem in accessing particular data from the tables of qvd files for making charts.

      Actually I have the relevant data not in the form of columns but in the in a kind of record itlself.,



      A TABLE                                   B TABLE
      A1col          A2col               A2col     A3col          A4col

      B1               20                    20          C1          100

      B2               30                    30          C2          200

      B3               40                    40          C3          300

      B4               50                    50          C4           400

      B5               60                    60          C5          500


      so if want to make a straight table chart say whose dimension is some values of A1col and whose expression can be calculated by using another table (B table using A4col) .


      please help what will be the right expression for choosing values for dimesion B2,B4,B5 only.