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    Ipad test

      Hello everybody,


      Is there some way to test a qvw file done with Qlikview pc program in the Qlikview program for Ipad ?


      Thank you for your answers...



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          Aadil M

          You can use the emulators available to test...

          There is no such option available within qv to do this.

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              Thank you Aadil,


              I think your are talking about Appstore´s Qlikview free programs. These ones asked a log in and I not know if I have to open a new URL, localhost or somenthing like that.

              I thought that here would have an space to upload the files to be tested in other platforms. With my current passw. and user I can login on mobile.qlik.com but I only see examples and none to upload or test our Works.

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                  Aadil M

                  No, with QV you dont have such option to upload your doc to QV hosted server and test it. You need to setup an access point (locally, at the least) and then you can test it.


                  If you have downloaded the personal edition of QV and developed an app using that, then you dont have an option to test the ipad compatibility of your document.


                  I suggest you might try to use your company's hosted QV accesspoint and test your document.



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                To access via an iPad you have two options both needing your application to be hosted on the QlikView Server and available.   The first is downloading the iPad QlikView app and the second is using Safari on you iPad to access your Access Point.   

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                  Peter Cammaert

                  The iPad client is nothing more than what it says it is: a client, just like the QlikView plugin or a browser with sufficient AJAX capabilities. You'll need a QlikView server to test your documents.


                  There is no standalone QlikView test mode in the desktop for example.



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                      There is the ability to download your app to the iPad and work with it off line as of version 11 SR2.   It is very limited in functionality and requires pre-selecting bookmarks and selection boxes to view.    There are instructions on line to set up but not something I would recommend for general use.