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    Need help with formula

      Good morning all,


      I need help with one of my formulas.


      I am using the following formula to calculate excess hours.


      sum({<[Date]=,Month=,Year=>}if([Date]<=vMaxDate,if([Product Type]<>'5',[Total Value])))


      But with one of our companies (CompanyKey '66') I need to include ProductType '5' in the excess hours calculation.

      But for all the other companies I need to exclude Product Type 5.


      At the moment, my formula above works perfectly for all companies, except for the company where the CompanyKey is 66.


      Can anyone please advice how I can amend my formula, so that only when the CompanyKey is 66 should it include ProductType 5's.


      I did try to amend the formula, but then it includes 5 for all companies.