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    QV Data Visualization Book

      I've recently published a book on Learning QlikView Data Visualization. Honestly, this book would not have been possible without my active participation a few years ago in QlikCommunity.  It has always been a great place to meet fellow QV experts and gain a deep understanding of QlikView by helping others members.  troyansky, who I met throught the QlikCommunity, helped write a great forward to my book and I hope the book continues to help those who anxious to learn QlikView.


      You can find the book's exercise files in the community (http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-4929).  I'll also be posting material I had to leave out of my book in my blog Harvesting Wisdom | A rumination on data discovery by Karl Pover and I hope to see you around QlikCommunity as we continue to grow.


      Karl Pover