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    UI rendering very slowly in web view



      I have created a qvw and loaded it with data (size 2 MB). The qvw file has only One Sheet with around 30 KPIs (expressions involving set analysis) and around 25 list boxes to enable users to drill down and/or slice the data. The UI of the single Sheet is kind of a summary dashboard that is 3-4 pages long (in terms of page scroll down). The performance of the qvw is good in normal developer view.


      But when I turn on the web view of local qvw or try accessing the qvw over Access Point, the UI renders very slowly. It takes around 5-10 minutes just for first time UI rendering. After that every time I select any value in the list boxes, UI gets even slower and takes again 5 min to render the expressions based on the user selections.


      Our requirement is to retain the one Sheet view with all KPIs & list boxes. Could you please suggest ways to improve the UI performance.




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          Clever Anjos

          First, check at Sheet Properties if an object is taking much more time than others. Disable it and verifies

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            Sadha Chilukoori

            Set analysis is a resource intensive operation, unless you pre-calculate the flags during the script load.


            Try to move the calculations in set analysis to script, this will improve the front end performance.

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              Peter Turner

              Hi Chinmay,


              I hope you resolved your issue with the previous posts, but its also worth noting that QV 10 & 11 renders the pages asynchronously when using AJAX so objects that are quick to calculate/load will appear first without waiting for the entire page to finish, you may be able to see which object is taking the longest.


              Also be careful when using high res images in the UI, as they could add additional time to transfer to your users web browser.


              Also you mention the page is a summary page and is quite long, if using tables with lots of rows on screen this can slow the page down. Instead set a calculation limit on the table to stop it being displayed when nothing is selected, and only show when the user has made a simple selection such as selecting a year or product to reduce the data set.