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    Single user demo - performance with missing data

      I have about 6 dims with 12 million rows, running win 7 x64 with 8GIGS of ram, i7 chip. . .(I had to battle the standards committee to go from i5 to i7 and to get win 7 x64.  my company has low T - XP!)

      I am missing data with the graphs, as the graphs are not picking up and data where there should be data.

      sorry, can't export the data set due to gov compliance issues,


      did I get beyond the laptop's capability?  how do i check the data load to see if the raw data is there and my set

      formula is wrong, though don't think so. . . .  simple formula. . .


      loads 12M records in under a minute, graphs recalc fine, just wrong data calcs. . .

      how do i check to see if its me??