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    Moderator approves posts

      Now, this is really stupid.


      I know its due to the fact that there has been a lot of spam post with commercials and football games.


      But lets face a fact:


      When a dicussion is being posted:


      Like this post:



      I go to the post, see that nobody has answered the questions - I post my solution because i wanna help the guy.







      APPROVED - Along with 20 other posts with the correct answer, meaning that i get spammed 20 times in my mailbox + there is 20 correct answers because nobody has seen that other has posted the correct answer.


      Hope there will be a fix to this:


      Btw. sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but its really annoying!!


      Thats all.

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          Marcus Malinow

          I kind of agree, however the spam has been getting a bit out of hand lately.


          I'd suggest that an individuals' posts should be moderated until they have reached a certain level of activity, at which point they should be able to post without moderation.

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              Thats a great idea - However, what if people has urgent problems ( I know that there is a support function) - But in my opinion the community is better and faster


              But a great idea to start with, and yes there has been a lot of spam, and its a pleasure to see that admins actually take care of this

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              Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

              Hi Thomas,


              First, this is the right place to discuss about these kind of things.

              Second: I totally agree that is annoying but, believe me, it's also annoying for those of us moderating contents. We are working from both the platform side and the user experience side on this and how to make you know (real users) that, in case we have to go to full moderation as we are now, posts are being posted although not visible at the moment.


              Thanks for sharing and for caring.


              Kind regards.



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                  I could imagine that, but its a great work being done by moderators and its gladly that all the spam is being taking care of.


                  But sounds great that there is already being done something about it. Maybe some kinda activity filter like Marcus writes.

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                      Sara Leslie

                      Hello Thomas and Marcus,


                      I agree that moderation is not the most convenient option. I'm in the final stages of testing for a plugin developed by the community platform developers which should take care of the spam issue. Sorry for the inconvenience- and please know I only activate all moderation as a last resort. Somehow spam posts got through the standard filters late Friday night- I was able to delete them and put moderation in place. The spammers have some type of custom software that allows them to automate the postings so literally hundreds of postings were going to moderation throughout the weekend. I did my best to sort through them and approve your postings. Once the new plugin is installed we shouldn't have this problem again.

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                          Neil Gulliver

                          Hi, Sara.

                          I agree with Thomas that the moderation process is slightly cumbersome and does mean that discussions can become laboured due to time lags or confusing if multiple responses are received at the same time.


                          In addition to your plugin, would a compromise be to rely on the community to report the abuse and monitor when you get a sudden spike in abuse activity ? I do report spam using the 'Report Abuse' function - although I must apologise if you and the moderators have been bombarded by me using this function recently.




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                      Steve Dark

                      Hi All,


                      Can I please add my voice to this thread?  Moderation is making it difficult for those of us who enjoy answering questions to provide timely help.  It must be even more frustrating for those asking questions - typically when the barrage of answers come in there are often many misleading answers in with the helpful ones - this is a lot to ask a relatively new user to wade through.


                      Is there any way in which the reputation of the poster could dictate whether posts go straight through without moderation?  Are the spammers using newly created accounts for the attacks or hijacking existing ones?


                      I love this forum, and really do appreciate the work that goes into making it work - but it does get painful each time moderation has to be turned on.


                      I'm amazed that the authors of the Jive platform haven't come up with a way to keep the majority of junk out.



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                          Gysbert Wassenaar

                          I agree completely with Steve. I've basically stopped posted when moderation is in place. It's just too ...frustrating.


                          I've also noticed moderation seems to be limited mostly to specific hours, focusing heavily on the PCT timezone working hours. If the moderation team included a couple of persons from around the world (Europe/Africa/India, East Asia/Australia/Japan) that ought to bring down the time we have to wait until our posts are approved.


                          Jive seems to be behind the curve with regards to spam. Then again, automated filtering will never be enough. Spammers continuously improve their bots to circumvent filters. And because of the high level of automation any breach will result in a flood of spam. So you either need a moderator around the clock to keep an eye on the community or other mechanisms like using the reputation system like Steve suggests or things I suggested earlier.

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                          Ralf Becher

                          I totally agree. It's frustating.


                          As another idea I think creditable members should have the authorization to suspend/quarantine hacked accounts which can be reviewed by moderator later. This would be much faster (crowd-powered) than if handled by one or multiple moderators..

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                              Sara Leslie

                              Thanks gentlemen for all of your good suggestions and feedback. I think we are almost there with the spam plugin and hoping we are through those issues. I like some of the ideas with super users being omitted from moderation and will look into that.


                              Just a note that we HATE putting moderation in place for all forums. Its very disruptive and we avoid it at all costs and have only put it in place during off hours when we have been hit by spammers and unable to keep the posts from going live.


                              For those of you who have flagged spam posts- thank you! This has always been one of the fastest ways to alert the team to inappropriate postings.

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                              I really agree.

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                                Isabelle Timmermans

                                Is spam 3 years later still a problem?

                                The moderating thing is getting frustrating!

                                Or are their any rules /levels you need to achieve before your post won't be moderated anymore?

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                                    Jeremy Latimer

                                    Hi Isabelle,


                                    Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, we do still get spam that we catch through the moderation queue. But in addition to spam, we use the moderation process to keep the community organized by making sure that members are posting their questions in the right places and using the correct content types, directing members who post in languages other than English to our language groups, preventing duplicate posts, and more.


                                    You are correct that after a certain amount of participation in the community, your posts will generally not be moderated anymore. There will still be certain criteria that may trigger moderation, for example, posts containing links or attachments. I recommend you try to complete some of the missions found in Your Profile - Reputation section in order to participate in the community in different ways and get more familiar with different features, which will help you advance faster.


                                    Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


                                    Best regards,

                                    Qlik Community Team