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    Posts being Moderated

      Hi All,


      All my posts are being moderated (atleast that is what the message shows :-)) and I am nat able to reply to any of the threads. My answers are shown with the message that its currently being moderated.


      I am aware about the announcement on Community home page regarding moderation, but is there is any specific time period as how long it will take to get any post approved? I surely understand that there are hundreds and thousands of users it is and really a very intense task to manage all the posts (hats off to all the community managers for that) but just knowing an approx time frame would help.

      Or are there any specific words which I am using by mistake that would trigger this moderation? (Since English is not my mother tongue, so I can keep an eye out and watch the words before I post anything :-))


      Even for this post I am getting a message as "A moderator needsto approve your content before it can be published".