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    How to exclude values only when a specific condition is true?

      Hello and thank you for taking your time to help me with my question, the thing is that I have the following scenario, let me show you the table example first:

      ProductYearmonth bt
      Frooty loops001
      Apples 201370
      Apples 001


      The first question is should I do something like this?

      sum({<Month={$(SelectedMonth)},bt = 0> }Product} I wanna do something like this so that I show the selected month-year and the ones that don't have a month or year which are the ones where "bt" = 1


      That's just part of the problem, the second problem is how do I tell qlik view that if a product is repating like oranges for examples, only show me the one where year and month is different than 0 (note: this is just in case the product is repeating otherwise I would show it), I hope someone can understand and help me with this,, if you have any questions just tell me thanks in advance