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    Qlikview was reset by itself?

      First of all thank you for taking your time to look at my question and help me with my questions.


      I'm new to Qlikview, I work for a company where I'm working with some Qlikview documents, the other day everytime I tried to load the data it just froze, so everytime that happened I just went to the task manager and killed the process, but the other day I did that and it kind of asked me what language did I want as it was the first time I was using qlikview.


      Then told me that I didn't create my own files, I guess that happened because some how for some reason it started as if I was a new user, my question is, if I just restored the files that I didn't create(according to qlikview) then loaded it and paste it in the path were Managers see the files will they be able to see them?, I asked because they needed something right away so I just published that, but wasn't sure if they would be able to see it after this happened.


      The only thing I want to know if the user(not the ones that create the qvd files, I mean the ones that go to the link and see they information, I want to know if they'll be able to see it.


      Best regards.