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    Why is qlikview summing rows by itself?

      I have a question I have this query:



      SQL Select SOH.SalesPersonID as SalesPerson,sum(SOH.SubTotal) AS [VentaTotal] from Sales.SalesOrderHeader SOH

      inner join Sales.SalesPerson as SS on SS.SalesPersonID = SOH.SalesPersonID

      group by SOH.SalesPersonID;



      SQL SELECT  ass.[SalesOrderID]


            ,ass.[ProductID], pp.Name

        FROM [AdventureWorks].[Sales].[SalesOrderDetail] as  ass

        INNER JOIN Production.Product pp on  pp.ProductID = ass.ProductID;


      And I want to see how many products each sales person made and the amount, but this is what I got:



      As you can see the sales Person 268 sold different products for example: 742, 741 etc... but it's summing all of them,

      I attached the qv file so that you can help me.