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    Displaying non-associated data over a range

      Hello...I have built an application that is used to analyze locations and events that occurred @ each of the locations. Mainly concerned with the number of events occurring @ each location for the selected dates from a master calendar.


      The app works great to show event counts for each location for the selected date range. I would like to show locations that had no events occurring for the specified date range (i.e. where the event count=0). That is, I want to show the non-associated data (locations with zero events) for a date range.


      Currently I have straight table that has the location as a dimension and uses count({1-$}Event_ID) to display the non associated data. It works if I select a year, month, and a single day from the calendar. But if I select multiple days then it shows locations that had no events on all of those days.


      For instance, if i select the 1st day of the month, it shows the correct locations with no events. If I then select the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd it shows location that didn't have events on all of the selected days. With a range of days selected the event must have not have any events on all of the select days. It functions like "AND" logic showing all locations that had no events on any of the selected days. I need it function like "OR" logic showing locations that didn't have events (event count=0) on @ least one of the selected days.


      Ultimately I would like a table that shows the location and all the days with no events.


      Thanks to everyone in the community!