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    Create a Summary Chart from figures derived in another chart

      Hi All,


      First post on community, not sure if posted in correct place as I wasn't given much option on where to post.


      I have an issue where I have one chart which calculates some financial figures for each month, but the finance team want the same details which summarizes the data for all selected months/customers. I have worked this for most expressions, however, one of them 'Plan Monthly' is a derived field and doesn't exist as a field and is calculated - i don't seem to be able to accurately count a sum of the 'Plan Monthly' shown on screen.


      The expression 'Plan Monthly' is as follows: MAX_FM_ACQ_BOOK_VAL_AMT/MONTH_BETWEEN

      where MAX_FM_ACQ_BOOK_VAL_AMT is a figure of say £12000 and MONTH_BETWEEN is the programme length so say 12, therefore it shows £1000 a month in the chart.


      Both of the these are variable depending on customer(s) selected. Is there anyway to SUM the 'Plan Monthly' based on the filters applied?