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    String literal expected , but no opening quote error


      When Qlikview report loads in IE sometimes when it takes a longer time i see "String literla expected, but no opening quote" alert box. The information in the box is not sufficient to debug the cause of the error.

      I have attached the error screen shot.


      Has anybody seen this before? How do i debug such errors?




        • Re: String literal expected , but no opening quote error

          Hi ,

          I was able to get the cause for this error through debugger in IE. The error occurs beacuse of this tag

          <font face="Arial' size=2>.

          Now becase the size 2 is not within the quotes this error is seen. But the problem is thi stag is no where in the qlikview files (htm files). I am not sure which code is creating this file and why is it malformed.

          I checked online and I found that this error is seen when the xml generated is corrupt.

          I can see this error in QVAjax.js file in Qva.PageBinding.prototype.Ready function.


          Has anybody faced this before?


          Thanks and Regards