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    Create a new QlikCommunity Group

      Hi there,


      I'd like to start a new QlikCommunity Group for Qlikview in Australia.


      I don't seem to have the option to do so in the Groups.


      Would I need to request an Administrator to do this?



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          Sara Leslie

          Hello Justin,


          Thanks for your request. We welcome new groups and have a launch process. To kickstart this just send your QlikView Account Rep a request and he/she will help sponsor you and assist with the planning, launch and growth for your group.

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              Senarath Bandara Herath

              Hi Sara,


              I got this thread by a community member while I was looking for a help for my requirement.


              I want to create a group for community around my country which is a fast growing market for Qlikview in Asia.


              It could be either Qlikview Sri Lanka or Qlik Sri Lanka ( as we gonna have both Qlik View and Qlik Sense in the future).


              I wish to get members around the country and develop a group with Qlikview users/developers.


              So no idea what would be the procedure.


              Thanks in advance.


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                Hi Sara,


                Good to see you! I got this thread for the reason the same as Senarath.


                I would like to apply a group creation for Qlik China(should we better separately create Qlikview China and Qlik Sense China? ) . Since China has became a huge market in BI field, and there are rapidly increased Qlikview & Qlik Sense developers and users. So there is no doubt that we need to build a group to get them together, to cultivate market further.


                I also have no idea of the procedure of creating group, but if any questions you have, feel free to contact me please, I will do my best to be your best assistant in China.


                Thanks a million and best wishes!

                Jack Zhang

                (Personal email: swucim@gmail.com)