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    Simple? - Personalizing My_View

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I want to do something very basic: I want to personalize My_View in the QlikCommunity. What I would imagine is seeing the most recent activity in the groups I have joined (currently two) with links to go there and to see all discussions in which I have taken part.

      Apparently, it's very easy - the only problem is that it doesn't work ;-)

      I can click on My_View, then on "Personalize", ok. I select a fundamental layout and I go through several categories and subcategories to select any whatchamacallits (called "Widgets" here). There appears a green clicky-thingy with the caption "Drag to add" - and then what? Where can I drag that?

      I know it's a very simple question and I feel a bit stupid to ask - I guess it has something to do with my restricted authorizations on my PC - but still (or because of that) I'd be grateful for a little hint.

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,