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    Help me... how big is "big" in QlikView with respect to number of rows?

      I am relatively new to QlikView, coming from a pure relational database background and more recently from building OLAP cubes in SSAS.


      Our implementation partner has warned us that our "Facts" table in our first QV application (which combines Sales, Demand, Receipts and Inventory at a SKU\Loc\Day level) is getting rather large, at 86 million records.


      Is this really that large???  Speaking from a relational background, 86 million rows does not scare me...


      Since QV is advertised as in-memory and having near instant response times, we have sold this to our business as such, and if we don't deliver this we're risking a perceived failure.  We we're even advised against holding inventory snapshots, as the volume of data would be too large?


      I guess I am just trying to get a sense for what should be possible?  What is the accepted best practice for how much (or how wide of) data should be put into a single application.  We're building an application for our Inventory Management team, and to do their job they need the following types of data;


      1. Sales (Retail Sales and Direct Invoices)
      2. Demand (Direct Orders)
      3. Purchase Orders and Receipts
      4. Inventory
      5. Plans
      6. Store Traffic


      Our plan was to build an application for them to do their job, so we planned to include all of these data points, but is this over ambitious?  Is the best practice in QlikView to build an application for a business process (i.e. Sales, Inventory, etc.) as opposed to such a wide application as we're attempting?


      Any insight, thoughts would be appreciate.