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    Approach on Marketing QV

    Hein Schultz

      Hi all


      I was hoping to start the year off with a bang, and get many new customers on board to keep the company busy throughout the year.


      My question though, is what are the tried and tested approaches to market QlikView? Especially to someone who isn't in the market for, and doesn't even know that they need a new BD tool.


      We've attacked our exsisting customer base that we have for other products. However, we had many "maybe later" or default reporting does what we need answeres. The same happens when we try and gain customers through cold-calling sales. With the later, most of the time they are not at all interested to even listen to what you have to say, but if you manage to actually speak to someone it ends up that they are happy with their current reporting tools.


      My company insists that QV as a reporting tool needs to be sold to financial people (directors/ managers), and i aggree that in the end they might make the decision to buy QV or not, but QV is a lot broader than standard financial reporting. So the first question here is, is this the right people to start with? Do you rather attempt to start at CEO level working down or do you start from the ground working up? There is a problem that if we try sell into (for instance) the sales department and they aren't interested, that other departments might actually be able to benifit, but don't know about it.



      I know by the time you get to face-time & a demo half the battle is won, but how do you get to that point? Am I missing something that my cold calling is not working? Is this the correct department/market/persons? etc..?  Any general sales tips will be helpfull.


      Also, any help with how you are able to get new people interested will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.