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    Default filter in a pivot table

      Hello, it's me again, I have other problem.


      I need to implement a conditional count in a pivot table with 2 dimensions: Month and Recruit/Termination, which is a dimension related to the different types of employee recruitment or termination. Normally, the NumericCount() function will count how many employees were recruited/terminated for each month and each type of recruitment/termination.


      But I also need to apply a filter related to certain values of a dimension not shown in the pivot table, e.g. "State", and the allowed cases are State = "A" and State ="B", and I don't want the user to apply the filter by clicking values in a list box.


      So the question is. ¿Is it possible to apply a default filter by code? and if so, ¿how can I do it? If I want to sum the results for columns "november" and "december" to create a column "EndYear", how can I do it?


      I hope you can help me with this problem, regards!