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    Unique counting

      I have a set of data that contains orders for multiple stores.  What I want to do is create some object (list box, chart, etc.) that tells me how many stores placed an order per month.  It doesn't matter if store A has 1 order or 100 orders, they would only count as 1 to the total number of stores ordering.  I've tried usig the count and/or aggr functions to do this but can't seem to get it to work.  I'm just trying to get the count of stores right now.  Once I had that I figured I'd add something to choose only those for that month.  I need a list box, chart, whatever for each month on the sheet.  I'd like to use the statistics box but I don't see how I can create my own formula.  I only want one line per month - "Number of Stores Ordering - Jan.", "Number of Stores Ordering - Feb.", etc.