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    Chart expressions/chart dimensions question

      I am new to QV and have a question regarding the chart expressions/dimensions.  I current have data pertaining to healthcare.  I have a healthcare "collector name" field and an "account balance" field.  I would like the chart to display the "collector name" and the associated aggregate "account balance" for that "collector name." However, I would also like a thrid field that groups the aggregated "account balances" into three seperate categories. I would like a "0-1000", "1001-2000" and ">2000" account balance grouping per "collector name". I am able to accomplish this task in the Script Loader section, but I would like to know how to do it using the chart expression and chart dimension side. Please see the example below. Thoughts?


      Collector Name Account Balance (at the aggregate level)  Balance Catoegory

      Nate B.                     $3000.00                                                   >2000

      Drew M.                   $1001.00                                                   1001-2000