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    Group data on a bar chart to create an 'Others' category

      HI all.


      I'm a newbie on the Qlikview World, so I really need your help


      I've been looking on the forums and I can't found an exact answer to my problem.

      I have a bar chart and a dimension called "Values". When I selected items from "Values", they appears on the chart. My problem is that besides the selected data I need to add a new one called 'Others', that contains the summatory of the non selected data.


      I found that expression


      if(dimensionality(),sum({<product =e(product)>}sale),sum(sale))


      With this, the selected values are not shown on the chart, only the non selected (great, I need this), but I don't know how to combine to obtain the selected data and the 'Others' in the same chart


      Thanks a lot