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    Pass parameters for variables through the listbox and updating Stacked Column Chart?



      I am trying to create a movie review dashboard, with a dynamic stacked bar column chart connected to my database.I am pretty new in using Qlikview and trying to get familar with using the intereface, I've looked through a lot of documentation and i cant seem to figure out how to get my dashboard to work. I've manage to connect to the my database and create listboxes, but I am not sure how to create the chart. I want to be able to select 3 parameters from the listbox and display data on my chart...For example, here is my SQL statement


      DECLARE @Month INT, @Year INT, @Device INT


      SELECT survey, DATEPART(DAY, dateTime) AS [Day], COUNT(id) AS [Number of Movies]

      FROM dbo.Movies

      WHERE DATEPART(MONTH,dateTime) = @Month AND DATEPART(YEAR, dateTime) = @Year AND movie = @Movie

      GROUP BY DATEPART(DAY, dateTime), survey


      Does anyone know how I do pass parameters for my variables through the listbox and update my stacked column chart? I figure it something to do with the way I write my expression, but I am not sure even sure how or specifically what to write for one.


      I was able to do this in an asp.net page but I would like implement this in Qlikview because I think this a great sofware. I am not lookging for like a step by step procedure, just some guidance or recommendations to how I should go about acheiving this. 


      Thanks for help in advance