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    Re: Expression

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      I am explaining with example, Please go through the attached jpeg file.


      On the top Net Collectable as per milestone - 1887.8, Reason Code Amount - 1509.064 and Net Collecable after reason - 447.7841


      Net Collectable as per milestone = Reason Code Amount + Net Collecable after reason


      Reason Code Amount = Land + LD Claim Amount + NOC + Projects + Early RR + Others + Invoice + PE


      Net Collecable after reason = RM + Fin Closure


      All these amount are coming on the behalf of some reason and at a time there is 2 reason amount will be availale (e.g - either LAND + Project or NOC + PE etc...) which is equal to the NET Collectable as per milestone.


      Suppose the sum of these to reason amount is greater than NET Collectable as per milestone, Than we have to find which reason have max value and then assign to them whatever NET Collectable as per milestone amount is available.


      Please try to resolve. Please revert to me for any clarification.


      Thanks in advance.