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    Changing Header Column in Excel Data File

      I have a particualr column header in an Excel data file that changes weekly (it happens to be the first column, which is the current week). As such, I can't do an auto-load because I have to manually go in and increment the header name. Is there a way to tell QV 11 to ignore the column header name and just pull in whatever is there?  JPT
      LOAD "18" as BldgWk,
      [NON-REC INCIDENT] as [Bldg 1A NR],
      [RECORDBLE INCIDENT] as [Bldg 1A R],
      [NON-REC INCIDENT1] as [Bldg 1B NR],
      [RECORDBLE INCIDENT1] as [Bldg 1B R],
      [NON-REC INCIDENT2] as [Bldg 2 NR],
      [RECORDBLE INCIDENT2] as [Bldg 2 R],
      [NON-REC INCIDENT3] as [Bldg 3 NR],
      [RECORDBLE INCIDENT3] as [Bldg 3 R],
      [NON-REC INCIDENT4] as [Corporate NR],
      [RECORDBLE INCIDENT4] as [Corporate R]
      [P:\Strategies\Operations\Team of Managers\Safe Work Place\Safety KPI 2012a.xlsx]
      ooxml, embedded labels, header is 4 lines, table is [MGR DATA])