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    Count current and prior YTD on the daily level, not monthly?



      I have a dashboard that counts numbers of downloads for YTD and prior YTD on a monthly level.  So the current YTD expression is as follows:


      count( {$<UsageYear = {$(=max(Year(MaxUsageDate)))},

      UsageMonth = {"<=$(=max({<UsageYear={$(=max(Year(MaxUsageDate)))}>} Month(MaxUsageDate)))"} >} Downloads)


      And the Prior year expression is


      Count ( {$< UsageYear = {$(=max(Year(MaxUsageDate))-1)},

      UsageMonth = {"<=$(=max({<UsageYear={$(=max(Year(MaxUsageDate)))}>} Month(MaxUsageDate)))"} >} Downloads)




      What I'm trying to do is modify these expressions to track downloads on a daily basis and not monthly.  The incoming data attributed to the 'Downloads' value in the expression above actually has data per day, but right now the current expressions above only count to the month level.  Do if it's 4/15/12, you'll see all of April for prior year.  What can I do to the prior year expression to count just the downloads of the current day/date within the month?