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    Multicolor line graphic

      Hi, I'm tryng to create a line graph called "merit-order". As a dimension I've got a cumulative of volumes of gas (which corresponds to different operators which sell gases), and as expressions I've got the costs of gases. I created a line graph which shows the trend of costs per cumulative of volumes, but I'd like to color the line in different sector, so that I could understand from the graph at which operators correspondes a particular volume at a particular cost. I tried to indicate as a second dimension the operator, and aggregate the expression of the costs to the operator, but I obtained only a serie of points which follow the trend of the one color line.

      Please help me,

      thank you!

        • Multicolor line graphic
          Stefan Wühl

          You can probably try using a background color attribute expression (open the attributes by clicking the plus sign next to the expression label in expression tab).


          I admit I haven't fully understood your setting, it would be helpful if you could come up with either a small sample qvw file or some lines of sample data (best as excel or INLINE code). And if you could add an (mock up) image of what you expect to see.. great!



          • Multicolor line graphic

            Thank you for your help! I solved my problem using that attribute! great!!!!!!!!!!!