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    Performance Issue with Release 12 loads and If Conditions

    Greg Farrell

      I am seeing significant performance issues with release 12 loads and the use of if conditions in the script.



      If i load a sample table:



      Load field1,


           if(field2 = 'x',1) as Xflag,

           if(fileld2=''y'',1) as Yflag,

           if(field2='z',1) as Zflag

      from file.qvd (qvd);



      Performance is terrible and seems to relate the the number of if condition against the same source field.


      This will virturally peg the cpu of a multiprocessor muti core server and loading 250k rows as an example with take minutes.




      If i modify above to


      load *,

           if(field2='x',1) as XFlag,

           if(field2='y'',1) as YFlag,

           if(field2='z',1) as ZFlag;

      Load field1,


      from file.qvd(qvd);




      Performance is as expected.  No drain on cpu and loads in seconds.




      Has anyone else seen this behavior.   Seems like a very significant bug.