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    Min/Max per line

    Hein Schultz

      Hi all


      I hope you can assist me please.


      I want to get the minimum and maximum value difference out of all time sections that build up a specific line.

      The time is for hours in the day.

      The sheet is grouped by Day.


      So it should look something like this (using basic calculations):

      MonSite A242411
      MonSite B242512
      TueSite A24000
      TueSite B244923


      The problem is with my current code, Minimum = 0 in all lines, and Maximum = 3 in all lines. This is the code i am using:

      Min(total aggr(sum(DATA1_Qty / INTERVAL_Capacity1), Time))

      *Replacing Min with Max in the next colum


      The plan is to use this in a traffic light display, where if 1 hour has abnormal capacity vs usage to be different colors. But it needs to show combined by day.


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.