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    How to consume a SOAP WebService from QlikView Extenssion

      Firstly, please excuse me for my bad english... I'll try to write correctly.


      Here is my project : I use a WebService for some years. This WS need SOAP (XML) datas in entry. I have some code for create SOAP datas correctly and consume the AJAX response. I't s working on my PHP-Apache platform. I use JavaScript in client-side


      Now, I would to call the same WebService from QlikView. I have read that is possible.


      I created a static extenssion to familiarize a bit myself with QlikView and JS-API. And now, I would to use my WebService.


      So let's go : this is my Script.js :


      var wsurl = "http://imagin.heptago.com/imaginserver/ws/generateAdHocImageWS";

      var wsurl_get = Qva.Remote + "?public=only&name=http://imagin.heptago.com/imaginserver/ws/generateAdHocImageWS";


      var html = ""; // the html body of the extenssion.


      Qva.AddExtension('CallImaging', function() {


          Qva.LoadScript(Qva.Remote + "?public=only&name=Extensions\Objects\HelloWorld\jquery.js" , function() {

              alert("jQuery up"); // work!



          html += "<p>A QlikView Extenssion that call a WebService</p>";


          var soapBody = soapData('login','pwd','portfolioName','serviceName', 'name', 'value');


          //html += convertForShow(soapBody); // soap body ok!



              type: "post",

              url: wsurl_get,

              data: soapBody,

              async : false, 

              success: function( msg ){



              error: function(XMLHttpRequest,textStatus, errorThrown){

                alert("error : " + textStatus + "\nerrorThrown : " + errorThrown);




          html += "<p>Call finished</p>";

          this.Element.innerHTML = html;





      And it's doesn't work. In this case, $ajax fall in error. But the message is not very explicit :

      error : error

      errorThrown : undefined


      But the static text in <p> appears.


      If I use the url wsurl instead, on post method too, I have nothing. No error message, no static text (extenssion panel stay blank).


      By the way, I tried the all 4 combinations :

      • Post + wsurl = nothing ;
      • Post + wsurl_get = error message shown above ;
      • Get + wsurl = nothing ;
      • Get + wsurl_get = QlikView crash (...).



      I'm turning around in two weeks. I have soon no hair on my head.


      That's why I solicits your help.


      Thanks you in advance.




      PS: I use QlikView 11.