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    Dimension as row in Pivot-Table

      Is it possible to have a dimension presented as rows spreading across the whole table, instead of columns.


      Example (branch and product are dimensions, the other columns are calculated):


      Branch USA
      Product 1

      Product 2

      Branch Europe
      Product 1

      Product 3

      Branch XXX




      PS: I'm using QV 11.


      Thanks a lot,


        • Dimension as row in Pivot-Table
          Fernando Obara Suzuki

          I'm not sure if this is what you need: in pivot table properties, go to Style > enable Indent Mode. By doing this, you can nest dimensions with indentation and possibility of subtotals.


          Hope this helps you.



            • Dimension as row in Pivot-Table

              Thanks, Fernando. This way I managed to add separation lines to make clear that a new branch starts at a certain line.

              Although it's not exactly the required behaviour. I'd rather have just a line, withour the first column, maybe center the value of that line. Do you think that can be tweaked?

                • Dimension as row in Pivot-Table
                  Fernando Obara Suzuki

                  Hi Andreas, I think not. The Branch dimension must exist in a separate column so that it can group the products.


                  One benefit of this kind of view is that the table is more interactive, the user can collapse/expand the Branch to hide/see the details by product... Can't you use this as a counter-argument to the required behavior?

              • Re: Dimension as row in Pivot-Table
                susant Kumar swain

                Hi add brach and product as dimension and select the indent mode as suggested by Suzuki


                after that you can make the first dimension invisible  which will make it look like you


                have only one dimension  To hide the first dimension right click on the First dimension and


                and select Custom Format Cell and then give a background so that its not visible


                If you have any doubts please see the attached file where i have 2 dimension in the chart


                but the first dimension will not be visible