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    Creating a quick YTD and Monthly total to a field of data

      Hi, i'm new to scripts and Qlikview and have probably a really simple question to ask....here goes.


      How can I achieve a monthly total and yearly total quickly and easily to a field containing data i.e.


      Account Name         Date           Daily Mileage


      Joe Bloggs          01.05.2011     7

      Joe Bloggs          02.05.2011     2

      Joe Bloggs          03.05.2011     13

      Joe Bloggs          06.05.2011     5

      Joe Bloggs          07.06.2011     2

      Joe Bloggs          08.07.2011     5

      Joe Bloggs          09.07.2011     6   etc...etc..


      If I wanted to summarise the daily mileage into a monthly then year to date total figure how do I achieve this please?

        • Creating a quick YTD and Monthly total to a field of data
          Fernando Obara Suzuki



          I'd recommend you to create a Time Dimension in your script. It'd be something (conceptual) like:


          load AccountName, Date, DailyMileage

          from xxxx;



          load Date,

                 Month(Date) as Month,

                 Year(Date) as Year;

          load distinct Date

          resident Mileage;


          Then, in the layout, you'd create a chart using the Year and Month fields and an expression like sum(DailyMileage).



          hope this points you in the right direction