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    PDF Automatic email distribution

      Hi there,

      I have a bit of strange one. There is a weekly invoice report that is a scheduled task and this loops and reduces based on a salesman ID (which is the same as the sAMAccountName which is used to do the emailing out) and this then emails out a pdf report to each of the salesman. This was working fine until recently and now this week a number of the users reported that their PDF was blank, after checking the live application I can see this is wrong and can see data for them present.

      I have attached the task log below and I can see warnings but they give no indication as to what is going wrong or why there si this data issue in the PDF only.

      Is there a more detailed log I am able to acces which would help? And has oneone else ever come across this sort fo issue before?


      Any help would be appreciated






      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

      - <Root TaskID="9972b5b3-91c7-4075-9638-133b5a39bfb6" OwnedByClusterID="1" RunID="5d443221-9e70-4b6c-bbb3-ed4bffdc92c5" TaskManuallyAborted="False" TaskException="" PreviousRunHadErrors="False" InternalError="False" LastExecution="10/04/2012 16:20:31" StartedAt="10/04/2012 16:20:31" FinishedAt="10/04/2012 16:22:29" MaxRunTime="1.00:00:00" StartCount="6" HasWarnings="True" Status="Finished">

      - <LogFinalEntries>

      <LogFinalEntry Type="Information" Date="10/04/2012 16:22:29" Text="Distributing using resource "Weekly Invoice Report Distribute of QT\FDB\FDB - Sales Detail.qvw with reductions._MailAttachment_1"." />

      <LogFinalEntry Type="Warning" Date="10/04/2012 16:22:29" Text="Distribution reported warnings for resource "Weekly Invoice Report Distribute of QT\FDB\FDB - Sales Detail.qvw with reductions._MailAttachment_1" (MailAttachmentDistributionResource). Warnings=81" />

      <LogFinalEntry Type="Warning" Date="10/04/2012 16:22:29" Text="Distribution to resources reported warnings. Warnings=82" />

      <LogFinalEntry Type="Information" Date="10/04/2012 16:22:29" Text="Distributing (0), Warnings (0), Deleting temp files (0), Next round! (0)" />

      <LogFinalEntry Type="Warning" Date="10/04/2012 16:22:29" Text="The task "Weekly Invoice Report Distribute of QT\FDB\FDB - Sales Detail.qvw with reductions." finished with warnings. WarningCount=83" />