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      Hi Everyone;


      I created a line chart that includes average currency value based on years.


      I am working with  a lot of  charts and tables. Therefore; I am facing with problems on the process of creating new formulas.

      Most of them is based on "Date Field". So When I choosed any date from listbox, My currency line chart only gives data of specific date that I choosed. But I want to show currency trend while I want to show specific datas in other charts and tables.


      Forexample; Please assume that, there are two objects, comperatively one of them is "Line Chart" that shows trend and another is "Table" only show specific data of selected date.


      When I choosed from data list box anydate to see specific data of selected date, my another object (line chart) which I don't want it to be effected, is broken and shows only selected data.


      I tried to fix formula by adding "1" at the begining the formula but I couldn't achieve. Also, from properties pop menus, I detached the object but when I open the file later I see object as a not detach.

      My formula as follows ;


      =if(Tarih <> GetFieldSelections(Tarih) or Ay<>GetFieldSelections(Ay) or Yil <> GetFieldSelections(Yil),AVG(KURGENEL_MRKSATIS),0).


      Dimension of this formula is Year Field. Thus, I want to show trend currency based years.


      In sum; I don't want this formula to be effected from any selection. How Can I success this ?


      Thanks in advance,

      Best Regards,

      Mustafa Özyeşil

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          Jason Michaelides

          You need to remove the DateField selection from the average part of the expression:


          =if(Tarih <> GetFieldSelections(Tarih) or Ay<>GetFieldSelections(Ay) or Yil <> GetFieldSelections(Yil),AVG({<DateField=>}KURGENEL_MRKSATIS),0).


          Or you could exclude all other selections:


          =if(Tarih <> GetFieldSelections(Tarih) or Ay<>GetFieldSelections(Ay) or Yil <> GetFieldSelections(Yil),AVG({1}KURGENEL_MRKSATIS),0).


          Hope this helps,