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    Null Function.

      Hi their.


      I'm trying to get Rid of the "MISSING NAME" Bar in my BAR CHART using the NULL function, but it's just not working.


      =if(FullName = 'MISSING NAME!', null(),

      if(FullName = '11', null(),

      if(FullName = '.', null(),

      if(FullName = ' ', Null(), FullName))))

        • Null Function.
          Stefan Wühl

          Do you use above as calculated dimension? Have you checked 'suppress when value is NULL' then?


          This should be equivalent:

          =if(FullName <> 'MISSING NAME!' and FullName <> '11' and FullName <> '.' and FullName = ' ',FullName)



          =if(not match(FullName,'MISSING NAME!','11','.',' '),FullName)


          Or what do you use as dimension and expression?


          Instead of using a calculated dimension, you could probably use a set expression to filter your values, e.g. when using something like sum(Value):


          =sum({<FullName -= {'Missing Name!','11','.',' '}>} Value)

            • Null Function.

              Sorry Swuehl


              its just for the field of MISSING NAME, not the rest.


              =if(FullName = 'MISSING NAME!', null(),


              Apologize for that.

                • Null Function.
                  Stefan Wühl

                  Ok, so your expression (where? in a calculated dimension?) looks like:


                  =if(FullName = 'MISSING NAME!', null(),FullName)


                  I see no real problem at the moment, but maybe I am not getting your set-up properly. When you are saying, 'it's just not working', what do you mean, do you still get 'Missing Name' as dimension value? Could you please post a screenshot and your dimensions / expressions / dimension, expression and presentation chart properties or best a small sample app?