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    Partial/Incremental reload

      Hey Folks,



                Can you guys help me in explaining about "Partial & Incremental" Reloads? Just like when and how??

        • Partial/Incremental reload
          Sunil Chauhan

          Partal realod can be done when we required to reload a potion of data for ex: a table



          where as Incremental load is used where data is increasing day by day


          then we are reloading new data and keeping old data as snap.





          hope this helps

          • Partial/Incremental reload
            Ashutosh Paliwal

            The Difference between partial reload and incremental reload is that in partial reload you reload a Qlikview application partially, so suppose you have 100 tables in your qvw but you want to refresh only 10 tables out of those 100 tables then partial reload is what you need.

            Incremental reload is when you want to load the data diference for all the 100 tables. so, suppose you reloaded your qvw file yesterday and now today rather than reloading full data you want to load only data which was generated between yesterday and today. then you will do incremental reload.


            So, the difference in one line between partial reload and incremental reload is that partial reload if for certain tables and incremental reload is for certain period of data.


            Hope this helps.