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    A question of data model


      I need some guidance.

      The attached file contains my project. Please, can you help me?
      - I often get the error message "Out of Virtual and / or logical memory, allocating 2MB" (or other size, not just 2 MB). Is there something wrong with the data model?

      - There are three key field "ExtendedReport_id" "report_id" and "accident_nr". I have merged the first two fields into one. The third field "accident_nr" is only in the table (dbo_Accident). How can I get this field in all other tables using the "ExtendedReport_id" and "report_id"?

      Info: The size of the entire project is 158 MB and over 1 million rows (attached example is apart), Run QlikView V.9

      Win XP, 32 bit, 4 GB frame



      obs. I have had it in the community but did not answer. Many thanks in advance for any help!!!