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    showing the actual value of a field

    Gemeente Breda

      Dear QV-user,


      I am in need of help to solve a problem in one of my QV-charts.


      In my chart I would like to show the date below.


      10-10-2011          Dave     London Office     Finance department     10

      10-01-2011          Jane     London Office     IT department              12

      10-01-2012          Dave     Paris Office        Sales department        20     <= Current Value Paris Office, Sales department


      and I would like to see this:


      DaveParis OfficeSales department10-10-201110
      JaneLondon OfficeIT department10-01-201112


      The formula I was thinking of was


      =Only({$<Jaar = {'$(=YEAR(Today()'}>} Afdeling.Niveau2)


      This does not seem to work.


      Anyone got a solution?