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    Drill Down Group (till hours) on Timestamp field



      i have a field that is of type Timestamp.

      I  was trying to create a drill down group based on my Timestamp field.


      these are the expressions that i used to create the heirarchy.








      but the problem is that when i use this hierarchy in a graph., the drill down is working fine till the day.  so year --> quarter --> month --> day is fine.


      when I further drill down from Day to Hour, the values for the hour is not the "hours of the day"  but rather the hours aggr across the year.

      it seems that the hour --> minutes --> seconds hierarchy is calculated just based on the "time" part  and does not factor in the year-month-day .



      I havent been able to find any discussions related to someone creating a drill down hierarchy till hours or minutes or seconds.


      Has anyone tried and if it is possible could you let me know how?