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    dynamic formula for a chart

      Hello everyone,


      i have a project where i need to have a dynamic formula for a barchart.




      My importscript imports all qvd-files from a directory, which all have that same struckture but different values.

      It is possible, that everyday a new qvd-file is added to the directory.

      Every file has the same name, except the last charakter. f.e. qlikview_1.qvd , qlikview_2.qvd , qlikview_3.qvd etc...

      If this happends, i get a new table in qlikview.

      Now i just want to show the new values in the same barchart where i already show the old values.


      The first idea i had, was to use a for-loop, but Qlikview doesn't allow for-loops in a chart-formula.


      It's not practicable to creat a new formula everyday by hand.