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    Move values of a table

      Hi Everybody,


      I have some values related with months, for example:


      Case       Month     Value

      Case1     Jan/12        A

      Case1     Feb/12       B

      Case2     Mar/12       C

      Case2     Apr/12        D


      I would like to have a table where I could move this values by a slider allocating them on the months. For a simple table we would have:


                    Jan/12  Feb/12  Mar/12  Apr/12  May/12 Jun/12 Jul/12

      Case1       A          B

      Case2                              C           D


      Then, with the slider on number 1 the values would move to the next month, on number 2 the values would move two months forward.


      For example: the slider on number 2


                    Jan/12  Feb/12  Mar/12  Apr/12  May/12 Jun/12 Jul/12

      Case1                               A          B

      Case2                                                      C           D


      Is it possible???