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    disabled expressions on the server

    Sandeep Hamelink

      Dear users,



      I have a problem with a QVW-file on the server. I made a dashboard about students. When you DON'T select a student you can see all their grades, ranged by course (Aardrijkskunde, Rekenen, etc). When you click on 1 studentID, you can see the grades per course of that particular student.



      The problem is the reaction of that QVW-file on the server. When i open this file on the server, The expressions who create the reaction wich you can see on picture Demo Leerlingen 1 and Demo Leerilngen 2 have been disabled. These expressions  determine wether an expression should be visible or not. There are 2 expressions


      COUNT(LEERLINGID) --> this is only visible when: LEN(GETFIELDSELECTIONS(LEERLINGID))<1


      = CIJFERS (this is a fieldvalue) --> this is only visible when LEN(GETFIELDSELECTIONS(LEERLINGID))>=1



      But for some reason the restriction on visibillity has been disabled on the server and i don't know why. I also don't know what i have to do or change to enable those restrictions.


      Gr. Sandeep