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    Summing salary for Employees above 60

      Hi All,

      I have being working on a payroll data for my company, one of the revelations in the data is that there are some employees who are above the age 60 and still on the payroll. The challenge is I want to be able to sum salaries paid them since their retirement was due to date. The dimensions am using are date_of_birth, hire_date, net_amount, staff_number. I want to be to show their age and the amount they have received.


      Secondly, I have noticed that some employees are receiving more than one salary, I got that by using a list box. If i click on employee number it shows me the net amount employee paid, in this case others receive more than one net amount and others receive one net amount which is ideal. The challenge again is to show all those employees  taking more than one salary(net amount).


      I would have love to attach the data but is very confidential.


      Please send me a step by step approach to achieving this result.


      Any help is very  much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.


      Banini Elikplim