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    Please help me about  Qlikview Version 11

      Dear Guy,


      I hace some question about QV version 11, below
      1. When i run on web in browser, Can I copy image of report to EXCEL? If I can, how to?
      2. If I copyobject in QV and then paste to EXCEL, if information is change in daily. How about object in my excel, Is it change according to QVW file when i reload in the next morning?
      3. In QV 11 on web, I see about add note. What feature about note on web and can I have permission about note on web? such as Only User A can add note bit other they not  or User A can see info in Note but User B Can't see it. What should I do If it can set permission
      4. Can I set schedule by sending my report via email automatically in QV?




      Please help me about QV Version 11 and Thank you for ur kind