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    Where can I download Qlikview 10?

    Roberto Postma

      Hi there,


      On this link http://global.qlik.com/download/

      I see I can download Qlikview 11


      But... One of our customers is still using Qlikview 10.

      So is there anybody who can help me to find the 32 bits installer of Qlikview 10?


      I need it asap (tomorrow) :-)


      Hope someone can help!


      Thanks in advance

        • Where can I download Qlikview 10?

          Hi Roberto,


          once you are registered, you just need to use the filters at left.

          Choose the language, then the version 10.0 and the Release Number SR1/SR2/SR3 or SR4.


          Hope that helps



          • Where can I download Qlikview 10?
            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

            Hi Roberto,


            Partners and account managers have access to multiple downloads including previous versions of QlikView. Please contact your nearest partner or partner manager if you are one.


            Hope that helps.



              • Where can I download Qlikview 10?
                Roberto Postma

                Hmz, I don't see the "extra links", so apparently my user-account doesn't have enough permissions :--)


                I'll call our Qlikview partnermanager. Thanks for the feedback!


                PS: 1 related question: I heard that it is not possible to run multiple Qlikview versions (like QV 10 and 11).

                [1] is that true?

                [2] if so, what is the easiest workaround for me as I have 1 customer working in v10 and 1 working in v11

                  • Re: Where can I download Qlikview 10?
                    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                    Hi Roberto,


                    From version 11 on, the installer asks to delete or update your current installation of QlikView, so it seems you only are able to have one version of QlikView running. Although this is true, the Release Notes of version 11 have a Cross release compatibility procedure so you have both versions running. Copied from the PDF document:

                    Cross-release compatibility

                    It is not possible to have multiple versions of QlikView Desktop installed, i.e. the QlikView 11 Desktop

                    installer will overwrite a QlikView 10 Desktop installation. However, the QlikView 11 Desktop executable file

                    can be copied to any location on the hard drive and run from there without conflicting with the installed

                    QlikView version. In order to run multiple versions of QlikView Desktop on a single machine, please follow

                    this procedure:

                    a) Uninstall prior version

                    b) Install QlikView Desktop v11

                    c) Copy the QV.exe file to a new, safe location

                    d) Uninstall QlikView Desktop v11

                    e) Install prior version

                    Following this procedure, you end up with a working version 11 QV.exe, but the operating system treats the

                    prior version as your primary version of QlikView.


                    Hope that helps.



                • Re: Where can I download Qlikview 10?

                  For those still interested in this post :

                  I have successfully installed V9 on my PC in addition to my V11.


                  When I was prompted to select the path where I want to install the V9, instead of C:\program files\QlikView, I chose C:\program files\QlikView V9


                  Now I have the two versions successfully running. The thing to notice is the default version version associated to the .qvw files is the last used version (on windows 7).