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    Migrate existing users to QV11


        I'm ready to upgrade QV server from 10 to 11 but I found a difference on the existing users setup.

      On QV 10 there is a file called CustomDirectoryData.xml with data of groups and users (those information are showed on the Management Console: System -> Setup -> Custom Directory -> Users). This file is easy to update manually and convenient to copy the existing setup to a new server or in general a new QV installation.

      I have looked for that file on QV 11 but I didn't find it.

      Do you know how and where those information are now managed on QV 11? More important, do you know how I can avoid to recreate all the existing users from scratch?




        • Migrate existing users to QV11

          Daniele,For QV11 the files is:

          The information about custom users and groups is saved in






          No Custom Directory is installed as default. In order to use Custom users you must first add a Directory

          Service Provider for custom users.  By default the path is to the directory service